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  1. Caratulas N°20
  2. Caratulas N°20
  3. Rango
  4. Showgirls 1995
  5. Sleepless 2016
  6. Treasure Planet 2002
  7. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937
  8. Lady and the Tramp I y II (1955-2001)
  9. The Jungle Book Iy II (1967-2003)
  10. Bambi I y II (1942-2006)
  11. Alice in Wonderland 1951
  12. Batman Anthology (1989-1997)
  13. The Dark Knight Trilogy
  14. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Whitin [2001][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  15. Robotech The Macross Saga [1985][Covers BR][MG]
  16. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust [2000][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  17. The Matrix Trilogy [2013][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  18. Fast & Furious Collection [2001-2015][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  19. Batman The Motion Picture Anthology [1989-1997][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  20. The Dark Knight Trilogy [2008-2012][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  21. Saint Seiya BOX Set 1 [2014][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  22. Saint Seiya BOX Set 2 [2014][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  23. Studio Ghibli The Secret World of Arriety [2012][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  24. Studio Ghibli Howl´s Moving Castle [2013][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  25. Studio Ghibli Castle In The Sky [2012][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  26. Studio Ghibli Kiki´s Delivery Service [2014][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  27. Studio Ghibli Miyazaki´s Spirited Away [2015][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  28. Studio Ghibli NausicaA [2011][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  29. xXx [2002][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  30. Studio Ghibli El Secreto de la Sirenita [2009][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  31. Life Is Beautiful [1997][Cover y Label BR][MG]
  32. Jaws The Collection [1976-1987][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  33. Harry Potter Complete 8 Film Collection [2001-2011][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  34. Dragon Ball Z Movies [2008][Labels Custom BR][MG]
  35. X-Men Quadrilogy [2000-2009][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  36. X-Men Beginnings Trilogy [2011-2016][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  37. Back To The Future Trilogy [1985-1990][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  38. Spider-Man Trilogy [2002-2007][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  39. The Amazing Spider-Man Complete Saga [2012-2014][Covers y Labels BR][MG]
  40. Dragon Ball Z The Complete Collection [1989-1996][Labels Custom BR][1F]
  41. Dragon Ball Super BOX1 [Custom Labels BR][2005-Actualidad][1F]
  42. Dragon Ball Super BOX2 [Custom Labels BR][2005-Actualidad][1F]
  43. Dragon Ball Super BOX3 [Custom Labels BR][2005-Actualidad][1F]
  44. Dragon Ball Super BOX4 [Custom Labels BR][2005-Actualidad][1F]
  45. Dragon Ball Super BOX5 [Custom Labels BR][2005-Actualidad][1F]
  46. Dragon Ball Super BOX6 [Custom Labels BR][2005-Actualidad][1F]
  47. Silent Hill Collection 2 Movies [Covers y Labels BR][2006-2013][1F]
  48. Wonder Woman [2017] [Cover Bluray]
  49. The Call [2013][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  50. Logan [2017][Cover & Labels BR][1F]
  51. xXx Return of Xander Cage [2017][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  52. Caratulas Bluray Varias 2 [Mega]
  53. Chips [2017] Cover Bluray + Label]
  54. Black Sabbath Live...Gathered In Their Masses [2013][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  55. Dragon Ball Z - La Batalla de los Dioses [2013][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  56. Virgin Suicides [1999][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  57. Rock Star [2001][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  58. Iron Maiden Live at Estadio Nacional [2012][Cover & Label][1F]
  59. AC/DC Live At River Plate [2011][Cover & Label BR][1F]
  60. La Región Salvaje [2017][Caratula Blu-ray]
  61. Alpha [2018][Cover Bluray]
  62. Man Of Steel [2013][Cover Bluray]
  63. Covers Pack, Para tus peliculas en Bluray
  64. Covers Pack, Para tus peliculas en Bluray de Disney.
  65. Covers Pack, Peliculas 007